About Us

Surrogacy with Love Agency in CaliforniaSurrogacy With Love grows families in a loving and compassionate way.  Our mission is to help create families and put love first.  Love for the baby we are all working as a team to bring home to his/her parents.  Many agencies match and fail to continue the support and guidance for the Intended Parents and Surrogates.  Surrogacy With Love is an agency founded and operated by experienced surrogates.  Our Case Managers are dedicated to make every journey as special and unique as the babies the surrogates are carrying.  We know the support and guidance we wanted during each of our journeys.  We are excited to be fully on this journey with you from matching all the way to the birth and beyond.  All clients will have a case manager assigned to them to help eliminate the stress that can come with the surrogacy process and help be a mentor for the Intended Parents and the Surrogates during the entire surrogacy.  We are available 24/7 to our Intended Parents and Surrogates and honored to be part of your journey.

The founder of Surrogacy With Love is a mother to four and always wanted to help families that couldn’t conceive on their own. She has been a surrogate twice, once with an agency and once independent.  She saw the work it took to be independent and the value in having an agency.   Once she started the process to be a surrogate for the first time it was overwhelming clear that there was a disproportionate cost for the Intended Parents.  After working as a case manager for an agency she decided the benefits and costs needed some shifting. There wasn’t enough true focus on evaluating potential surrogates and matching them accordingly to the Intended Parents and giving each of them valued time during the entire process.  Surrogacy With Love also decided to lower the cost of the agency fee and shift the compensation for the surrogates.  Now that the founder has completed her own two surrogacies she is honored she can continue her ability to help grow families by making surrogacy more affordable than most agencies.  We make sure our Intended Parents are able to be more focused on their happily ever after.