Intended Parents

Surrogacy With Love focuses on the heart of surrogacy. A mother recognizing what a blessing having a child in their life is, and wanting to share that special joy and love with another. Often times when someone thinks of surrogacy there is an overwhelming fear of what the costs may be, but Surrogacy With Love puts YOUR most precious gift first. Each journey is carefully guided and coordinated by our experienced team that knows how the journey should be carried out because have all been through this process multiple times with our own journeys. For us it’s not about the money, it is about growing families. Surrogacy with love is committed to matching Intended Parents with a Surrogate that is honored to help you fulfill your dreams of creating your family.

Intended Parents needing a surrogate

Why Surrogacy With Love

Surrogacy With Love has an emphasis on families and we never exploit a person’s fertility needs.  We put true focus on evaluating potential surrogates and matching them accordingly to the Intended Parents requests and giving each of them valued time during the entire process.  Surrogacy With Love lowered the cost of the agency fee and shifted the compensation for the surrogates.  We want to give our Intended Parents the security of having an agency without the higher agency fee. We take pride in being neutral in representing the best interests of our Intended Parents and Surrogates.  We will provide education and guidance throughout the journey. We will give you options of industry professionals that are also ethical and high quality to be part of your surrogacy team.  Surrogacy With Love has seen that this is a way for us to continue to give to families on a much bigger scale with our ability to help grow families by making it more affordable than other agencies.  We want our Intended Parents to be more focused on their happily ever after.

LBGT friendly surrogacy agency

Our Screening Process

Surrogacy With Love has an extensive screening process.  We understand how vital it is to choose the right surrogate to carry your baby.  Each surrogate chosen is one that wants to give the joy of becoming a parent and realizes the amazing gift they are giving.  Our surrogates are thoroughly screened and chosen as if we were choosing a surrogate for our own baby.


  • Online application

  • Phone interview

  • Video chat with agency

  • Background check

  • Look at profiles of possible surrogates

  • Meet with possible Surrogate and mutually decide if you would like to proceed

  • Medical records of Surrogate are reviewed and a medical screening will be done by your RE

  • Psychological screening is done on Surrogate and spouse/partner

  • Approval from RE that the surrogate is an approved candidate

  • Administrative Review

  • Candidate is approved to be a surrogate!!

After Matching

  • Contract review with your attorney

  • Contract signing

  • Get calendar from fertility clinic and surrogate will start meds

  • Surrogate goes to monitoring appointments at fertility clinic to prepare for transfer

  • Embryo transfer

  • Pregnancy blood test

  • Confirmation of heartbeat ultrasound

  • Surrogate graduates from fertility clinic between 10-12 weeks of pregnancy

  • Surrogate continues the rest of the pregnancy with surrogate friendly OB of her choice

  • Pre birth order is finalized so Intended Parent’s name is on the birth certificate

  • Baby’s birthday!!

Why use an agency instead of being independent?

The relationship between the Intended Parents and their Surrogate is a special relationship. Most Intended Parents and Surrogates feel more comfortable having an agency for a variety of reasons. A few of those reasons are having someone knowledgeable about all the steps involved in a surrogacy to take the lead and make the process as smooth as possible, having the security of all that is involved in our screening process, and having an agency handle the discussions of money, doctors, special requests, lawyers and any unique situation that might come up and be an awkward discussion between the Intended Parents and the Surrogate. Surrogacy With Love is happy to handle all those details and make sure you all can focus on your end goal of bringing a healthy baby into this world.

Surrogacy Costs and Fees

Inexpensive Surrogate FeesSurrogates Fees

Surrogate base compensation..$35,000+
Monthly allowance..$200/month
Medical screening fee…$500
Medication start fee…$300
Embryo transfer fee…$1000
Beta fee…$250
Maternity cloths…$1000

Additional Fees if applicable

Twin compensation…$8000
Cesarean section fee…$3500
Invasive procedure fee…$500-$1000
Medical health insurance…varies
Surrogate’s lost wage…varies

Screening Costs

Background check on Surrogate and Spouse…$200
Background check on Intended Parents…$200
Psychological evaluation on Surrogate and Spouse…$400
Medical screening of Surrogate and Spouse…$400

Other Fees

Escrow fee…$800
Legal fees…$7000-$10,000
Life insurance…$800
Medical health insurance review…$300-$500

Other fees and costs may be needed.  Please contact us for a full list of fees based on your individual case.