Surrogate information - Surrogacy agencySurrogacy With Love recognizes that deciding to be a surrogate is an important decision for you and your family. Each one of us at Surrogacy With Love has gone through the process ourselves and we understand what questions and fears you may have. We are committed to guide you and provide all the resources and support you need throughout this journey. Our surrogates never feel like they are just a number. It is essential to us that each surrogate realizes that what they are doing is amazing and selfless. That is why taking care of you at each step is so important to us. We provide a very hands on approach and will be with you from the match meeting with the Intended Parents, the medical screening, the transfer, the birth and any other support you need throughout the whole journey. If you are an experienced surrogate and would prefer less guidance since you have been through this journey before, we are happy to respect your wishes. All of our employees take pride in being neutral in representing the best interests of our Intended Parents and Surrogates. We will provide education and guidance throughout the journey. We will give you options of industry professionals that are also ethical and high quality to be part of your surrogacy team. We want to make sure this journey is a wonderful lasting memory of when you helped change someone’s life.

What are the requirements to be a Surrogate?

  • at least 21 years old

  • given birth at least once to a child that is living with her or she has shared custody.

  • be a US citizen or permanent resident and live in one of the surrogate friendly states

  • no criminal records

  • be a non-smoker and live in a non-smoking house. (including vaping, e-cigarettes and marijuana)

  • have a healthy weight with a BMI under 32, ideally under 30.

  • have no more than 2 c-sections

  • does not participate in government assistance programs (welfare, cash aide, public housing or section 8.)

  • be financially and emotionally stable

  • have healthy, complication free pregnancies and deliveries

  • good support system

  • reliable transportation

  • willing to give up or lower caffeine intake for the duration of the pregnancy if requested by the Intended Parents, RE or OB

  • love being pregnant but done having babies of your own

  • giving and generous person

  • want to help a couple or individual fulfill their dream of having children

The Surrogacy Process

Our Intended Parents have to put their entire trust in the surrogate they choose to grow and take care of their precious baby.  We value that trust and want to make sure they have the best surrogates to match with.  Being trusted with carrying someone’s baby is an honor. We want our surrogates to fully understand why the screening process is so vitally important for the Intended Parent’s peace of mind.  Each surrogate chosen is one that wants to give the joy of becoming a parent and realizes the amazing gift they are able to give.  Surrogacy With Love has an extensive screening process that will ensure each surrogate meets our criteria.


  • Online application

  • Phone interview

  • Video chat with agency

  • Background check

  • Look at profiles of Intended Parents

  • Meet with possible Intended Parents and mutually decide if you would like to proceed

  • Medical records of surrogate are reviewed and medical screening will be done by fertility clinic

  • Psychological screening is done on surrogate and spouse/partner

  • Approval from Intended Parents RE that surrogate is an approved candidate

  • Administrative Review

  • Candidate is approved to be a surrogate!!

After Matching

  • Contract review with your attorney

  • Contract signing

  • Get calendar from fertility clinic and start meds

  • Go to monitoring appointments at fertility clinic to prepare for transfer

  • Embryo transfer

  • Pregnancy blood test

  • Confirmation of heartbeat ultrasound

  • Graduate from fertility clinic between 10-12 weeks of pregnancy

  • Continue the rest of the pregnancy with OB of your choice

  • Pre birth order is finalized so Intended Parent’s name is on the birth certificate

  • Baby’s birthday!!

Gestational Carrier Compensation

Gestational Carrier Base Compensation

CA  $35,000+                            All other states $30,000+

Experienced surrogates will receive additional compensation and can name their own compensation within reason.

Additional Compensation before you are pregnant

Medical Screening Fee.$500
Signing Fee………………..$250
Monthly Allowance……$200/Mo
Medication Start Fee….$300
Embryo Transfer Fee…$1000

Compensation after pregnancy confirmation

Beta Fee…..$250
Gestational Carrier and Partner’s
Lost Wages…Actual Cost

Maternity Clothes Allowance…$1000

Additional Fees given if applicable

Twin Compensation….$8000
Bed Rests..up to $500/week
Cesarean Section Fee…$3500

More fees and reimbursements are available.  Please call us or fill out our application to receive the full Surrogate Compensation Package.